My son Paul met with Eithne during 6th yr in order to get some idea of 3rd level courses that would be suitable for him to apply to. He had no idea what he wanted to do and was finding it hard to stay motivated as a result. Eithne met him and went through everything in great detail with him, highlighting his strengths and  areas he would be suited to researching further. He was very happy with the outcome as he had a clear direction he could now explore. The information was very clear and I felt great relief myself. The support she continued to give him afterwards was fantastic. We would recommend any young person to meet with Eithne as we were very happy with the service we received.

Many thanks.

Tim & Paul D

Tim & Paul D -

Thank you Eithne for all the time you put into helping me decide on my course choices for my CAO application. I realise now, I hadn't given it enough thought at all before meeting you. You made it a much easier task for me to decide. Thank you for the ongoing support.

Fiona O’ DStudent -

I contacted Eithne to arrange an appointment for my son who had completed year 1 of a PLC course only to realise he did not want to do the second year. Thankfully, he agreed to meet with Eithne, to whom I am truly thankful. She showed such interest and enthusiasm in working with him, clarified our questions, explored options with him and  I must say, was genuinely interested in getting him back on track. He was delighted with the outcome and as a result I would have no hesitation in recommending Eithne - I learned so much myself, as a parent. Thank you.

Margaret and Seamus TParent & Son -

I met with Eithne after completing my Junior cert as I was having difficulty choosing my subjects and found myself completely stressed out trying to make up my mind. I found her really easy to talk to, very thorough and she went through the whole process very carefully with me. In the end, thanks to Eithne, I felt relieved and much more confident that I had made good choices.

Aisling CStudent -

I found myself towards the end of my first year in college having taken the wrong course option. Eithne was recommended to me as someone who would be knowledgeable about the predicament I found myself in. I found her to be very approachable, well informed about what I could do and committed to exploring all my options with me. I am now on a completely different course which I love.

Joe MStudent -

I would highly recommend Eithne to any student about to do the Leaving cert. My daughter, though a good A student, had very little idea of what she wanted to study and was terrified of making a mess of her CAO form. Eithne met with her and her professionalism and interest was immediately reassuring. She was extremely knowledgeable of all the courses she discussed with my daughter and we were very happy with the service we received.

Susan B -