Subject Choice

Decision time begins

Once you make the transition from Primary to Second level you will be introduced to some new subjects you will not previously have studied. If you would like to find out more about these subjects, which are available in the Junior cycle, you might find the Factsheets produced by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) useful. They are also available to download from their website ( If you are unsure, subject teachers will provide you with a full insight into what the subject will involve at different stages of you education.

Deciding on what subjects to study for the Leaving Certificate has significance later on in terms of entry to third level courses and career choice. Remember, your best six grades, achieved in one sitting of the Leaving Certificate or its equivalent will be used to calculate your point score for entry purposes to college courses.

Before deciding it is valuable to make note of:

  • the subjects you are good at
  • your interests and what you enjoy studying
  • possible careers/courses you are interested in and the subject requirements for these – & are a good source of information to consult in advance of making a final decision.

Not everyone will know what course they want to pursue or what career path they may like to follow at this stage. So, unless you are very sure of your career choice, try to keep as many options as possible open by selecting a good balance from among the range of optional subjects which will give you greater choice in terms of options for third level.

If you get stuck ask for some help from those who know you well, parents, guidance counsellor and your teachers.